Branded Showbags and Gift Bags

Our 22 years of experience has enabled us to develop the best quality, highest selling and most sought-after showbags in the industry. Not only do we have a thorough understanding of the showbag customer, we KNOW them. We work with our clients to ensure maximum sales and distribution, and huge exposure through our superior presentation and marketing of your brands. We got you.


We organise everything for you - from manufacturing merchandise, advertising and publicity, stock and quality control, distribution, designing and building stands, managing event staff and a whole heap more! There’s a lot involved between a showbag concept and a showbag in the flesh. Don’t stress though, we do all the dirty work and we’re the experts in this industry. We’ll make it a seamless experience for you.



Showbags work at all types of events. Where we distribute your showbags depends on a number of factors. Below are some of the types of events we partner with.


Royal Shows

The birthplace of the showbag! We have a range of stands to retail showbags across fashion, beauty, entertainment, confectionery, licensing and more!

Conference partnerships, activations, giveaways and gift bags with Chicane Marketing


Want to be the star of the conference? An epic showbag giveaway will help your brand be the one that gets remembered.

Festival partnerships and activations with Chicane Marketing


Festivals are an incredible way to reach a targeted audience. We can retail or give away showbags at music, community, art festivals and more.


Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show with Chicane Marketing

Speciality Events

Essentially, we can distribute showbags anywhere. We've sold them at flower and garden shows, car events, networking events and so much more.



Create Brand Awareness

Through showbags, you can introduce your brand to potential customers in your own way. Hand pick the products you want them to trial and the information you want them to know. Tailor make their experience and build a clear path to purchase.

Product Education

Wish you could tell customers more about the benefits of your products? Or how to use them? Where to buy them? Share your product and brand information with customers directly.

Product Sampling

Product sampling is the most effective way to get consumers to understand, love and buy your product. Showbags allow you to place your products directly into the hands of potential customers.

Marketing Reach

A showbag campaign through events will give you so much to talk about. Not only can you take advantage of the event marketing but you'll have access to content opportunities (content is king guys!) and have so much to share with your community.

Get Social

Feature and promote your showbag across social media and encourage user generated content. You won't regret it.

Customer Engagement

Don't lose them now! Include bounce back offers to get showbag customers back in store or online and buying more. Make friends via social media by introducing incentives such as competitions, special offers and more.


The Royal Shows are some of Australia’s largest events (nearly 3 million people every year visit the Shows!). With your own showbag, you can take advantage of the event branding, product placement and mass marketing opportunities that come with it.

  • 72% of attendees are female
  • Almost 3 million Australians attend the 5 Royal Shows every year
  • 1 in 3 households have an income of $100k +
  • 27% cite shopping as their main reason for attending
  • The average time spent at the shows in 8.2 hours
  • The shows are supported by a $10 million marketing campaign
Bella Varelis at the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show with Chicane Marketing.


We can help with ANY or ALL of the below:

  • Merchandise: we design, create, manufacture and import gift bags, boxes or other merchandise.
  • Samples: we can source samples across Food, Drink, Beauty, Home and Lifestyle to include in the gift bags that are targeted to your event and audience.
  • Fulfilment: we can physically pack the gift bags and package them up ready for you.
  • Shipping: we will get it to you.

Contact us for more information and pricing.

Hurstville Hospital Gift Bag. Partner with us to create a Gift Bag for your brand or event!

Hurstville Private Hospital


We created a new Baby Hamper for Hurstville Maternity to help new mothers make that early transition just a little easier.


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