Welcome to our brand-spanking new website. We’re really excited to finally be able to share it with you after months of development. It’s been a big year for humble Chicane as we’ve undertaken a complete rebrand. Our fluidity, flexibility and ease have accounted for so much of our clients’ sampling triumphs, so we wanted to take a leaf out of our own rule book. Let’s face it; change is not only inevitable it’s a success-story-necessity.

For our first blog post, we wanted to walk you through our new site. Our ultimate goal for our website was to provide you with an insightful platform that would shed light on our unique specialisation – sampling at the Royal Shows. This encompasses so much more than what first may come to mind when considering event sampling. We undergo holistic event branding and integrated marketing campaigns for each of our partners, whether they are undertaking an experiential, branded Showbag or sample bag approach. We look after all aspects involved from warehousing and packing to staffing and advertising. These approaches vary and are tailored depending on distribution needs, current brand awareness and sampling goals. There is no single solution rubber stamp when it comes to sampling but there are endless options… and when executed properly they deliver inevitable branding and distribution benefits.

Some of our clients have individually branded event sites at the Shows, which act as a hub for complimentary and/or revenue generating sampling as well as sales of Showbags (which include product and promotional merchandise, all looked after by yours truly). Other clients’ involvement extends to simply sampling products in our magazine Showbags, which in essence operate as ‘sample’ bags. No involvement is too little or too much and we’ll look after you from start to finish no matter what path you venture down. You can find out about our various services under the What We Do section of our website.

Want to get involved but not sure which sampling solution is right for you? Contact us and we can work together to identify which sampling mechanism can help deliver on your branding and distribution goals.